24y/o pansexual fat gurl from Canada.

From Vancouver Island, currently stranded somewhere in Northern Alberta.

I love Pokemon, Video Games, Body mods, and books!

Sometimes NSFW.

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    ah. i wanted a cartilage piercing so badly, but i didn’t want to go through the cartilage, so i had my sister pierce the...
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    Cartilage piercings heal fine with CBRs, yours just has awful placement :\
  3. iamtheclone said: Wouldn’t it be best to take out the piercing, carry on doing saline soaks and wait for it to heal. Then get I re pierced with a straight bar..?
  4. ihatenicolascage said: OR take it out because its at an extremely off angle creating pressure there for you get an ugly chunk of hypertrophic scar tissue. Take it out, it’s ugly and way off. Get it redone after it heals over.
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